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The blog GlobalCrisisNews.com aims to bring you the top headlines from around the world related to the global crisis. Whilst many top news agencies and newspapers publish articles related to the economic and financial disaster currently sweeping the globe, it is sometimes hard to get a clear picture when they are mixed up with a whole series of other unrelated news articles.

Here on GlobalCrisisNews.com we bring you all the news related to the economic and financial crisis currently sweeping the globe in one place and without any distraction. You can subscribe to our email feed and receive a daily update in your inbox.

GlobalCrisisNews.com Contributors

Greg Schellhammer – Author of the eBook: “Survive the Global Crisis“.

Stefano Guttierez – Freelance journalist.

Raúl de Sagastizabal – International Consultant, author of the blog Crisis Global News.

Chloe Sullivan – Expert in global affairs and freelance consultant to international organizations.

Rajat Anand – Freelance Journalist

Anja Nivtova – Journalism and media student from Russia.

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