South Korean ship sinks under unexplained circumstances

Posted by Michael Sorense on March 27, 2010 // 1 Comment
South Korean ship sinksA South Korean naval ship sank Friday raising fears around the globe of a possible North Korean attack, despite no evidence that Pyongyang had anything to do with the incident.

The cause of the sinking was a hole in [the ship’s] stern” said South Korean official leading anaylists to believe it may have been the result of a torpedo attack.

Yonhap News Agency quoted navy officials saying Friday that a ship carrying 104 crew members sank off the Seoul-controlled island of Baengnyeong.

The South Korean ship was navigating in disputed waters in the Yellow Sea when it sank. While several sailors were rescued, dozens are feared dead.

The two Koreas both exchanged gunfire for the first time in seven years in the Yellow Sea waters in November. Technically the two countries are at war since their armed conflict in 1950-53 which ended in cease-fire, but was never replaced by a peace treaty.

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